Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bye-Bye, Maldives?

Spending time down by the waterfront, wherever it may be, makes me aware of how fragile our connection is between land and sea. In the past two years we've spent hours on the shores of San Francisco Bay, marveling at the life cyles that unfold on its acres of mudflats, shoreline and swamps.

The land that is "waiting for development" and "doing nothing" in economic terms is in fact serving as a vital process in the age-old cycle of life. The "swamp land" that 19th-century farmers could not wait to drain is a vital part of the ecology that makes San Francisco Bay a special place.

The cycles of migrating birds, beating their tiny wings from Argentina to Alaska, link us to cycles around the globe. Melting glaciers are not a local problem. The Maldive Islands, at sea level, are at risk of disappearing completely.

We do what we can. One thing I can do is add to my blog. They are doing a great job of focusing people on one manageable goal, reducing carbon dioxode emissions to 350 parts per million. At this point scientists calculate that we can still dodge the bullet, as it were. So the widget is up there. Check it out. Together we can.